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What is the best type of seed bead and thread to sew beads onto satin doll clothes?
- Michele
The size 11/0 seed beads have approximately a 1.8mm diameter and are always a good choice for miniature projects such as doll jewelry and clothing. We have some helpful charts that will help you decide which finishes and colors will work best in your projects.

Depending on the "wear and tear" on the doll clothing, silk thread would work well with the satin. It comes in many colors as well as thicknesses and can be dyed to match the fabric or beads you are using. Nymo® is a nylon thread specifically made for beading with seed beads, it is strong, durable and also available in multiple colors and sizes. Silamide is another thread that would work for your project type and is also available in a variety of colors.

- Maura Buckner Jewelry-Making Expert

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