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I have a hot pot that fires silver clay with pellet stove gel. Do I have to use PMC3 or can I use Art Clay? Is there a difference in the clay itself or does it just depend on the size/grams?
- Christine
Hot pots are designed for use with low fire metal clay--PMC3® and Art Clay® 650 both fit the bill. The two brands of clay are different in a few ways:
  • Shrinkage percentage
    • PMC3 shrinks 10-15%
    • Art Clay 650 shrinks 8-10%
  • Density of the metal after firing
    • The density difference between the two brands is minimal and each are strong and well suited to any application, including rings and other designs that suffer a lot of wear
  • Recommended firing times
    • PMC3 lowest firing time is 1100 degrees Fahrenheit with a hold time of 30 minutes
    • Art Clay 650 is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit with a hold time of 30 minutes
  • Package sizes
    • PMC3 is sold in 9-gram, 16-gram, 25-gram and 50-gram packages
    • Art Clay 650 is sold in 10-gram, 20-gram and 50-gram packages

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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