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I have been looking at your Rotary tool located in Metalsmithing. I am a new graduate from Jewelry design and repair and I'm wondering if this tool can take the place of a Flex shaft. And if I purchased this rotary tool will it do all of the same jobs done that a flex shaft does or will I still have to purchase a Flex Shaft to do some jobs?
- Jennifer
The versatile rotary tool can be used as a handheld drill where the bits mount directly to the end. The included flex-shaft (the long cable with a more pen-like drill attached to the end of the cable) can be connected to the handheld drill, which then acts as the motor, which then drives the flex shaft. When the flex shaft is attached and in use, it can be used just like a drill, but with the ease and comfort of a smaller handpiece and the benefit of more precise movements. The handheld drill/motor should be hung from the included hanger, which mounts to your worksurface.

There are many bits that can be used with this tool including drill, polishing and sanding. The instructions included with the tool are written well and explain how to work, attach and use all the parts.

ForedomĀ® also makes a flex-shaft set and a flexade which can be attached to the polishing bench lathe. The rotary tool with flex-shaft kit and the Foredom flex-shaft set are designed to accomplish the same tasks.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

Item Number 3237TL Rotary Tool
Rotary grinding and polishing set


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