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While making a double strand pearl and crystal bracelet the needle broke off the end of one of the threads. How can I fix this without starting all over with new thread? I tried coating the end with nail polish but it isn't stiff enough to get through the hole in the pearl. It is frustrating!
- Beth
You can form a needle at the end of one or two strands of silk thread with adhesives that work well with natural fibers, such as Gum Arabic and fabric adhesives. The "needle" becomes stiff when dry and it can be rewetted if it loses it's stiffness. View ''Making a Silk Thread Needle'' how-to video and instructions.

Threads with attached twisted beading needles are another option to consider for your next project. The needle is already threaded onto the thread and they are slender enough to fit through most pearls.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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