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I have never done wire wrapping. I would like to learn to wirewrap two stone pendants to attach to necklaces. They are both triangular, that is, wider at the base. Can you guide me on how to do this and use as little wire as possible.
- Lu Anne
The how-to video "Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire" is a great place to start--a link to the video can be found in the resource section below. A hands-on class in wire-wrapping or a book with step-by-step instructions would be a good next step.

Square wire is typically used along with half-round wire to make secure wire bezels for stones of any shape. Twisted wire is used to anchor the stone cabochon in any shape and embellish the frame. These wires can be gold-filled or sterling silver. Wrapping a stone with a non-precious metal practice wire will give you an idea of how much wire you will need and will help eliminate too much waste once you move onto the permanent wire slated for the design.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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