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I am interested in creating my own jewelry company. I have started out by making bracelets, however I need to separate my bracelets from other bracelet makers. I have many ideas of beads I want to design myself but am not sure how to go about getting them created. For example, some companies have their logos as pendants on a lot of their jewelry. I want to make a logo pendant for my bracelets but am not sure how to "create" it. Are there jewelry supply companies that can make my logo into a pendant or is this something I have to create on my own?
- Greg
You can custom design metal beads and components with precious and pure metal clays including PMC®, BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™. Once you have your logo/design created, you can make a mold of the design using two-part silicone molding compound, polymer clay, a carved piece of wood or whatever material you are comfortable working with. Silicone mold-making material is very flexible and naturally releases the material being molded; polymer clay can also be used to create a mold but it is not flexible in nature and would need a release agent added depending on the material being molded.

The mold can then be used to "cast" your logo using the metal clay you are most comfortable working with. Another option is to purchase, create or have created a stamp that can then be used to impress metal clay.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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