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I am planning to make a curtain out of beads (1970's style) and will use fishing line to string the beads. I would like to design a pattern in the middle made from seed beads. What type of wire will be best for the seed bead pattern so that the overall design will not sag?
- M
String with woven threads and cords with little if any stretch to avoid sagging. There is a great variety of woven choices for your curtain project, C-Thru® nylon thread is one good option. Visit the thread and cords links in the materials section below to determine which ones are right for creating your beaded curtain.

The pattern of seed beads can also be strung on woven threads or thin beading wire such as Accu-Flex® beading wire, making this seed bead piece independent of the curtain. Chose from a range of beading wires also listed in the materials listing below.

Add the seed bead piece to the beaded curtain lines at the lengths you wish, attaching with jumprings that can be threaded through the knots of the woven threads or added to the rings of crimp ends for beading wire.

- Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor, Swarovski crystal Ambassador

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