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I'm looking to create bezel settings in my art clay pieces. Can silver solder be used to attach sterling to fine silver? I've also seen a product called oil paste which is meant for bonding fired pieces together...Does it bond only fine silver together or can it bond sterling as well?
- Wendy
Yes, Art Clay® Silver can successfully be soldered with silver solder--please be sure to follow proper soldering safety, including having good ventilation and a proper soldering station.

Oil Paste will indeed work for sterling silver, though it is recommend to use Overlay Paste instead. Overlay Paste is water-soluble making it easier to clean from tools and it doesn't need its own diluents like Oil Paste does. Another benefit is that Overlay Paste can be fired in a kiln at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (Oil Paste needs a minimum of 1472 degrees Fahrenheit) which will help the sterling from oxidizing and becoming brittle.

- Katie Baum, Director Art Clay Society, Master Instructor Art Clay®

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