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You are so good with your answers to questions, hope you can help me with this. Where can I find information on starting a jewelry club? Thanks
- Jennifer
First step to starting your own jewelry-making club is to decide what type of club you want this to be. Some jewelry-making clubs are all business with very little socializing, while others are just the opposite. Next, select a date and time for your meetings. This is crucial as you want to stay consistent for the growth of your club. Changing dates and times gives the impression that you are not reliable. The initial start up and membership growth takes time and patience, don't make it hard for people to find you. Next, create an ad to post in local papers and online forums plus printed ads to post at local bead shops and rock and mineral shops.

Create a club calendar and select some interesting projects for your club meetings. For great design inspirations and a variety of illustrated instructions, visit the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Gallery of Designs. Leave some time during your meetings for others to give suggestions for future classes. Another fun group activity is to host a jewelry component swap party. Keep things interesting yet relaxed so people will feel comfortable participating.

For help in establishing member guidelines, and if in your plan, bylaws for your club, consider contacting other guilds and societies.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert


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