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I see lots of freeform white "spider vein" turquoise with brown or tan veins. I want to dye some so the veins will be dark red. How can I do this? Thanks so much!
- Vicki
Generally the white "turquoise," or Chalk turquoise, you find on the market today has been stabilized and is not recommended for dyeing, therefore dyeing the matrix or veining is not feasible. Magnesite is sometimes called "white turquoise." Magnesite has a chalky white color with intricate dark to light brown veining, creating an antiqued porcelain effect. Magnesite is stabilized to improve durability, hardness and polish and will not take to a dyeing process. The amount of matrix (veining) will vary.

Magnesite is also available in a large variety of vibrant dyed colors including red, blue, green, fuchsia, and more.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

White "Turquoise"

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