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I'm looking for your video or answer on how to join a new thread onto an existing thread for projects that need you to use a lot of thread, like necklaces, etc. What I mean is: I have started my project (beaded fringe on a bracelet, just like your video) and the string is now too short to do any more beading. How do I join the next piece of thread? Thank you.
- Michelle
Here are instructions for adding thread to that project, or one very similar:

When you feel like your thread can go no further and you only have about 3 to 4 inches left, stop making fringe. Thread a new needle with another length of thread. Bring the new needle through the next bead in the core. Pull the thread through until you have a 3-inch tail. Add one more fringe using your old thread; pass the needle through the next core bead, then knot the old thread and your new working thread together.

As size 8 seed beads begin to fill with thread, you may find it's harder to get your needle through--pull the needle with chain-nose pliers if you need help, being careful to not break the thread, or even the bead, while forcing the needle through one more time.

When you're done adding fringe, end your thread by working back through the core to the last thread tail you have. Make a surgeon's knot with the two threads, then continue passing the thread through a few size 8 beads, making half-hitch knots as you go. When you're done, trim all thread ends.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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