Topics: Findings, Multi-Strand Connectors

I have created a necklace with a three strand slide lock clasp. It starts with the three strands then reduces to a single strand using a 3-1 connector and expands back to three strands using another 1-3 connector to terminate at the three strand clasp. The center strand is the one which continues through the whole necklace. My question is what is the best way to terminate the strands on the right and left at the connectors? I have tied knots in the beading wire onto the center strand but this does not seem very secure.
- Valerie
Accu-Guardâ„¢ wire protectors, crimps and crimp covers are great findings for this technique. The Accu-Guard supplies an attractive connection to end bars (connectors) and protect the beading wire from abrasion. Crimps secure the wire in place and crimp covers hide the crimps, blending the termination of the wire into your beadwork. You can also use these findings where your wire terminates at the clasp. For detailed instructions on using Accu-Guard wire protectors, crimp covers and crimping, see the how-to videos listed in the resources below.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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