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When I wear a pendant on a chain the chain often slips around my neck so that the clasp ends up in the center front where the pendent hangs. This also happens with some of my bead necklaces. What causes this and how can I prevent it from happening?
- BD
The clasp of the chain is usually the heaviest component of the chain and therefore migrates with your body movement. Generally, once the clasp finds its way to the bottom, gravity will keep it there. This is true even if your pendant is heavier than the clasp as the pendant will usually stay in place when the chain moves.

You can try using bead keepers which include silicone-lined beads and Caprice chain. Caprice chain will usually stay put, with the clasp where it belongs. This is increasingly true with the addition of a silicone-lined bead placed on either side of the pendant. As for beaded necklaces, they tend to shift and slide with your body movement and posture just generally not as easily as a chain and pendant. For more information on designing a balanced necklace, please review the related ''Ask the Experts'' question linked in the Resources section below.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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