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What is the easiest way to polish cast resin to a high gloss after it has been released from its mold? I've heard you can use a tumbler. Will this change the shape of the pieces? If you can tumble polish resin, how do you do this and what is the best grit or shot to add to the tumbler?
- Rachel
It is not recommended to use a tumbler for polishing cast resin pieces. The best method for achieving a glossy finish is to coat the resin pieces after they are completely hardened with a thin layer of the resin. Your pieces will be permanently scratch and water resistant.
  1. Place your resin component face up onto the sticky side of a piece of packing tape.
  2. Burnish the back of the tape to your resin component using a burnisher or your fingernail. This prevents the resin from seeping underneath the tape.
  3. Mix up a small batch of resin and lightly coat each component (don't forget the sides) with a thin layer of resin using a flux brush or other small disposable brush. If you use too much resin, the excess will leave a rim around the base of your component and you will need to sand it off once your piece has fully hardened.
  4. Let your piece completely harden and remove the tape.
- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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