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I have dried glue on some of my tools. I'd like to know what to use to safely remove it. I'm also ordering your 'stuff' for dipping the tips for wireworking. When I have the tips coated, is that going to interfere with using them for future projects? If so, should I purchase a separate set?
- Teeter
Acetone works great for removing dried glue from the metal portion of your pliers. Avoid getting the acetone on the handles since it will eat away at any plastic or rubber used to wrap or coat the handles. For particularly stubborn glue, like super glue, you may need to follow up with a razor blade to get the last of the residue off. After you have cleaned the pliers, apply a coating of wax to prevent glue from sticking next time.

Coating the tips of your pliers with Tool MagicĀ® will protect your wire when wire-wrapping and it will work to keep glue off of your tools. Tool Magic can be peeled off and reapplied so, other than convenience, there is no need for a second set of tools.

**Always use safety precautions when working with chemicals and razor blades.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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