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After firing PMC clay earrings I decided to try to bend a corner of one of them and it snapped off! Was it not fired long enough? Is there any way to make a new piece and fire it on the existing earring?
- Cindy
Your earrings were not correctly fired or sintered. Each package of clay comes with firing instructions and it's advisable to do a test fire before firing a full kiln load. You probably need to increase both your temperature and soak time. Increasing the temperature will sinter the metal properly and the longer soak time allows the molecules to fuse together for a better outcome. Do not go above the recommended maximum firing temperature or you risk exceeding the metal's melting point of 1762 degrees Fahrenheit.

Art Clay® Oil Paste can be used to repair your broken earring or you can try to connect a new piece using PMC® Slip or Art Clay paste.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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