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I have some rhinestone bracelets that have elastic running through the insides. The elastic has stretched and I have been unable to take the bracelets apart to somehow restring the elastic inside. How can I either undo the rhinestones (I can't bend them apart or pull them apart either, the metal tab attaching each one wiggles, but won't separate) or what do I use to string new elastic inside? Are these bracelets fixable? Thank you.
- Virginia
You could try tying a small knot in the elastic to take up the slack or, cut the metal tab to separate the rhinestones and restring the elastic.

Powercord® is recommended for this type of project. Powercord is latex-free and returns to its original shape after stretching. It is created from high quality elastic and it knots easily. Once you've restrung your bracelet, tightly tie a surgeons knot and add a drop of flexible adhesive, like E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive for additional protection.

I suggest two tips when working with elastic cord. Cut the cord to the length you need then hold an end in each hand, draw your hands outward, stretching the cord; repeat this motion at least three times. Pre-stretching helps ensure the cord won't break after you've finished your design.

Place a small amount of baby powder in your hand then run the cut length of cording through the powder. By applying a fine coating of baby powder to the cording you will make it less ''sticky'' and therefore easier to string on your beads.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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