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Whenever I buy shell beads, like abalone, at an arts and craft store, they are affixed to something like clay, or something like it, so a hole can be drilled for bead stringing. I am trying to find out what the shell is affixed to and if it is possible to make this kind of bead.
- Kristina
As shell is quite fragile, some shell beads and focals will be laminated with an acrylic or resin backing for stability and long-wearing durability.

The acrylic or resin backing can then be drilled independently from the shell for a more uniform drill hole thus reducing the risk of damaging the shell.

Resin is a 2-part jeweler's grade epoxy that dries crystal clear and can be drilled with a rotary tool. The package includes Part A Resin (4oz), Part B Hardener (4oz), stir sticks, measuring cups and instructions. Dries in approximately 6-12 hours at a 72 degree temperature.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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