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What is the best way to wire wrap one single pearl?
- Kristen
If the pearl has a drill hole, and you want to wrap the individual pearl by hand, keep in mind that pearls generally have very small bead holes ranging from 0.50mm to 0.75mm. Select a wire that will fit through your pearl hole. Follow the instructions for creating a beading link using the wrapped loop technique, but substitute the headpin/eyepins for a 4-inch length of wire. Follow instructions for the wrapped loop technique until you have wrapped the second loop twice, and then bring your wrap around the body of the pearl embracing it in the wire. Finish with one more wrap around the first loop. See the how-to video listed below for step-by-step instructions on a wrapped loop.

If the pearl is not drilled, a bead cage is a fun and attractive way to give single pearls a wire-wrapped look without hand-wrapping the pearl. To use bead cages, gently spread the bars, insert your pearl and gently close the bars again. These create stunning, easy-to-assemble pendants and earrings and keep the surface of the pearl from being worn by the wire.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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