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Do you have any ideas for me to create my own jewelry to support the Movember moustache event?
- Ann
Use about 4 inches of firm craft wire maybe 16- or 18-gauge, with 3 or 4mm brown or black beads or size 6 seed beads and make your own moustache charm. Curl both ends of the wire about 1-1/2 inches up and around like a handlebar moustache. Thread a bead to the end, glue it down or do a small loop at the tip to attach chain. Place the remainder of your beads along the wire leaving enough room at the other end of the wire to duplicate the curl. Glue down your last bead. Remember to bend the wire in the center with a small dip like a moustache. Once completed you can hang the "charm" from a chain or use it as a side focal with leather cord. You could even thread on a bail and use it that way. Use your imagination and show your support during Movember for the men in your life.

- Stephanie, Jewelry-Making Expert

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