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What types of jewelry are best to "keep holiday memories alive?"
- Elizabeth
Personalized handmade jewelry is by far the most memorable holiday jewelry around. The thought and care that goes into making a special jewelry statement for someone is very hard to forget. Consider making a really quick and easy bracelet or necklace with caprice chain strung with beautiful DioneĀ® Add A Bead System beads using colors, metals and designs that are meaningful for that important person receiving the gift. You can't go wrong with Swarovski gifts! Look at the great selection of new Swarovski fancy stone and setting combinations that just came out. All you have to do is pick a setting, pick a stone, glue the stone into the setting and wait for the glue to dry. The PERFECT gift to make new memories. Make a pair of Christmas Tree earrings for all the ladies in your life. Go to the Gallery of Designs landing page and click on "Christmas" in the earrings box. There are inspirations and instructions for hundreds of holiday earring designs. They are colorful, easy to make and will look like you really took the time to pick something just for them. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a warm and wonderful holiday with lots of memories for years to come.

- Tom Triplett, Jewelry-Making Expert

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