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How should I finish off a crocheted wire necklace with 3 strands or more? I have seen instructions to glue the wires, but I have more than 3 wires so it is heavy. Please let me know what to do and what to use.
- Rosie
For a really professional looking finish gather and flatten the end wires and trim the ends so that all 3 strands end together. Use an adhesive to hold the wires together, tuck them into ribbon crimp ends and crimp. Then attach the clasp to the loops on the ribbon crimp ends with jumprings.

If you prefer not to use flat findings but would rather insert into a cone, follow these steps (there is no need for adhesive with this technique):
  1. Bring the wires together and twist them together gently
  2. Form a wrapped loop out of these gathered wires, then trim any excess wire
  3. Attach an eye pin to the wrapped loop wires and push the eyepin up into a cone
  4. Finish the eye pin with a simple or wrapped loop

To finish, attach the clasp to the simple or wrapped loop just made.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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