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I have some beautiful flatwear that I have found at estate auctions but not sure of process. How do I make spoon rings and what tools are needed?
- Connie
You will need to cut, file, anneal and form the metal to create a "wrap" ring.
  1. Using a ring sizer, determine the size of the ring
  2. Determine the length of metal needed for the ring size
  3. Using a jeweler's saw and sawframe, make a straight cut in the spool handle, at the appropriate length
  4. File the cut edge with needle files
  5. Using a torch, anneal the metal to soften it for forming
  6. Wrap the cut spoon around a ring madrel and shape using a mallet at the appropriate size
  7. Use polishing papers to finish the edges of the finger ring
Annealing is the process of heating and cooling the metal--rendering it softer and easier to work with and is done using a torch, soldering block and safety precautions, including wearing safety goggles. Each metal has its own melting point so close observation is important when annealing. The rule of thumb is to heat until cherry red. The cooling part of the equation can be done by just allowing the metal to air cool or to carefully transport the metal using tweezers into a bowl of cold water.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor

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