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How do I find bezel cups made from recycled materials?
- Patrice
Using scrap metal sheet and scrap wire are both great ways to create bezels from your own 'recycled' materials.
  • Bottle caps can be used as bezel cups. Fire Mountain offers new bottle cap findings, made in the USA, which are available in a variety of sizes and colors with no rubber liner. Recycled bottle caps can be stripped of their rubber liners and used as well. The use of cold connection techniques or filling the bottle caps with resin will allow you to creatively add other recycled components into your bezel cups.
  • Aluminum pop cans are easy to cut into a sheet with scissors, into shapes with punches or dyes and can be formed into a cup using dapping tools.
  • Aluminum sheets can be textured and patterned using the Epic™ Six QuicKutz® embossing tool. Sharp edges can be smoothed out using needle files and a burnisher.
  • Scrap aluminum is readily available in the form of cookware, machine parts and drink cans. Due to its low melting point, aluminum can be melted down for re-casting.
Always take appropriate safety measures and use safety equipment when cutting metal or working with molten metal.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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