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My mother-in-law gave me two old gold tone clip on style earrings (each one is different) that belonged to her mother. She wants me to make the earrings into a brooch that will convert into a pendant also. What finding do I use to make this for her?
- Carol
Cut the clip from the back of the earring with a strong pair of end-cutting nippers, or cutters such as memory wire shears. Using a needle file, file the cut end down as close to the back of the earring as possible, as you will need a relatively flat surface to work with. Rough up the surface with the needle file to ensure a strong adhesive bond. Using a 2-part epoxy suited for non-porous surfaces, glue the appropriate size pin back finding to the prepared surface. Allow the epoxy to dry completely per manufacturer's instructions before handling. Once the epoxy is fully cured, follow the instructions listed in the resource section below for "Using the Brooch Converter."

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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