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Hi, Wire cutters--Can you explain the difference between end cutter and flush cutter? Which cutter should I use to cut memory wire? Thank You.
- Varda
Memory wire shears are made specifically to easily cut hard wires such as memory wire (steel) and precious-metals. These shears will create a straight (flat) cut, so they work wonderfully for many wireworking applications. Rubber-coated, spring-return handles are easy to use. Memory wire should only be cut using memory wire shears. The cutting blades of other cutters will be damaged from the hardened steel.

End-cutting nippers are ideal for conquering problems such as cutting the post off an earstud or trimming the peg on a flat pad with peg. The highest quality nippers are constructed with lap joints and polished heads to prevent marking the surface of soft metals.

Flush-cutters trim headpins, eyepins and beading wire such as Accu-Flex® beading wire, as well as fine wire used in wireworking. Flush-cutters allow a flat, even cut even in the tightest of places (hence the name), making for less filing and clean up time. The tiny jaws camouflage their incredible accuracy and power. After cutting the end of a piece of metal wire, check out the cutting surfaces and see how one side makes a "V" shape and the other is flat. For a perfectly flush cut, always keep the waste end of the wire toward the concave side of the cutters.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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