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I recently purchased "The Bosses Bag." In it was a long chain with crystals in the links. I think it might be called a cup chain. I would love to make tennis bracelets with the chain but I cannot find anything on your site that tells me how to add a clasp to the ends. Please help.
- Noreen
Cupchain connectors are designed to terminate your cupchain. Cupchain connectors are designed specifically to accommodate 2mm and 4mm cupchain. Simply apply a small amount of adhesive, place the last link on one end of the desired length of cupchain in connector, press down then bend the prongs on the connector over the link with pliers. Transform cube beads smaller than 4mm into drops using cupchain connectors. See the ''How to Use Cupchain Connectors'' how-to video and illustrated instructions in the resources below for more information.

Fire Mountain Gems also carries cupchain bracelet components with SS39 settings and an attached clasp allowing you to create the prefect bracelet or necklace, just add your favorite color of rhinestones for quick and easy custom designs.

Another option is to glue the cupchain into a cord end, they have loops on the end allowing you to easily attach a clasp. Wire wrapping is another way to add a finish to the ends of cup chain. Wrap wire around the last "cup," so the wire is secure, then pull the wire into a cone so the end of the cone and the wire are securely hidden inside the cone. Finish the wire with a wrapped loop to attach your clasp.

Have fun!

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry Making Expert

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