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In regards to your new enamel pens, your site says to fire them at 14 to 1500 degrees, but for how long? I would love to try these, but need more information.
- Nancy
The multipens have been fired successfully on the bisque components without a hold time. Results vary from kiln to kiln and the results you are looking for could vary from design to design. Here is a firing schedule to test:

Firing at a lower temperature, 1,350 - 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit the enamels may retain dimension. At the higher temperature, 1,500 - 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit the enamels tend to yield a smoother surface with a nice glossy look.

Ramp 1 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit
Hold - 0

Ramp 2 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Firing temp - 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
Hold - 0

Ramp 3 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Firing temp - 1500 degrees Fahrenheit
Hold - 10

Ramp 4 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit
Firing temp - 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Hold - 0

  • The number following the Ramp is the temperature incremental the kiln should increase by hour.
  • The number following the firing temp is the maximum temperature you are ramping up to.
  • The hold time is the length of time the kiln should hold the temperature at before going to the next Ramp.
- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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