Topics: Findings, Earrings

Over time the holes in my ears have stretched. What kind of ear finding is available to hide the large holes in my ears. I think the findings should be lightweight.
- Mary Ann
Light, flexible Lobe Wonder® patches instantly hide earlobe damage for piercings that are stretched or torn, and help prevent damage to healthy or previously injured lobes. Lobe Wonder patches self adhere invisibly to the back of earlobes; earwires go through the piercing then pass through the Lobe Wonder patch. The patch supports the weight of the earring, taking the weight off the damaged piercing. Lobe Wonder patches also allow earrings to hang from the top of a stretched piercing, hiding the damage.

Large flat, domed and decorated earring posts can also work well to cover the large holes in earlobes. A lightweight earring finding will allow you to add a dangle. Use a comfort clutch back for balance and stability with large posts.

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist and Instructor


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