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How do I work with a soldered chain? I wanted to buy it in a spool and use it to make earrings. If it is available only in a soldered closed variety, what tools do I need to open or break the rings to get a desired length? Thank you.
- Irene
Use flush-cutters to cut links apart in chain that is made with soldered links. Use 2 pairs of chain-nose or flat-nose pliers to open links in chain with unsoldered links like opening a jumpring. Each style is available by the spool and is dependent upon the way the chain is manufactured. To create a design with either style chain, measure the length you need for your project, cut and separate the chain using the appropriate tools then attach a clasp or earwire using jumprings (for soldered-link chain) or use one of the opened links from a chain made with unsoldered links.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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