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I am in love with seed beads but I have serious issues getting my work finished. I can stitch a toggle clasp but the toggle-bar never fits. It's too small or too big. Could you please help me?
- Maribel
The design "Peyote Linked Squares" offers instructions on how to create a toggle bar. The dimensions for the toggle bar are based on the size of the open square focal component in the design. When creating the toggle bar for your design, make sure to stitch the beads so the length of the bar is longer than the width of the toggle ring.

Design Idea 7B0C Bracelet There are other ways of finishing a seed bead stitched project. Add a multi-strand clasp to the end of a peyote woven strip using the same thread used to create the design. The loops of the clasp are integrated into the last row of seed beads in the peyote strip, woven in as if they were the next row of beads. With the thread being woven in and through the loops and the beads in the strip, in essence, you are also finishing and securing the weave.

For a seamless transition, you can add beads to the thread as you create the loops used for attaching the strip to the clasp. The beads will hide the thread, as well as offer a buffer between the thread and the clasp; the thread will hold up just fine if you prefer not to add additional beads. Ribbon ends offer another way to finish the ends after you've woven the thread ends into the beadwork. Place a small amount of E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive inside a ribbon crimp end then fold the crimp end over the end of the beadwork. Once that's in position allow the adhesive to fully cure. Use a jumpring to connect a clasp to the loop on the end of the ribbon crimp end then you’re good to go.
The project, ''Bracelet with Seed Beads'' has complete instructions and illustrations for decreasing the peyote end then adding a clasp. You can also add a magnetic clasp or toggle to the ends of your design.

For even more finishing options, be sure to review the many seed bead books available.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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