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Several cabochon gemstones and paua shells do not exactly fit the settings I purchased for their size. How do I shave down the edges to make them fit?
- Tina
The Jooltoolâ„¢ Sharpening and Polishing System can be used to cut and polish gemstones and shell with Mohs hardness up to 9. Use a permanent marker to indicate on the cabochon and shell how much material you need to remove, then when working with the Jooltool wheels, watch the mark so you know when the wheels have done their job and you can move on to the next section on the cabochon.

When using your Jooltool, remember to tie your hair back, use safety glasses and, when you're not using the vacuum, use a respirator. When cutting, grinding or polishing shell, it is imperative to use both the vacuum and a respirator as the shell dust is hazardous to your health. For more information on the Jooltool system, see the charts and videos listed in the resources below.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert

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