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I want to make a seed bead fringe necklace, how does the seed bead stay on the bottom of the fringe, and how do I attach the seed bead onto the chain, and what type of wire or thread do I use to create the fringe. Fringe hangs 10" long by 7 1/2" wide. How is the bottom seed of the fringe secured? Thank you.
- Amy
These are some great questions, and rather than go into what would certainly be a very lengthy answer, I would like to direct you to some very helpful resources that will give you detailed solutions. In the resource section below there are two projects with a video that show how to make seed bead fringe. In the materials section there are book listed that offer great techniques on seed bead fringe. One of the most comprehensive "go to" books for beading is "The New Beader's Companion" by Judith Durant and Jean Campbell. It covers a wide variety of finishing techniques: branched fringe, looped fringe, netted fringe, twisted fringe and picot edging to name a few. Another favorite is "Teach Yourself Visually-Beadwork: Learning Off-Loom Beading Techniques One Stitch at a Time" by Chris Franchetti Michaels. You use FireLine® or Silamide thread for creating fringes with seed beads.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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