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What is mica powder and what is it used for?
- Kalin
Mica is a phyllosilicate-type mineral that grows in the earth in crystal form and is abundant in many countries around the world. Mica has a wide range of uses from fillers in joint compounds and automobile paints to cosmetic makeup and toothpaste.

For jewelry-making, ground mica, mixed with color pigments, is used to enhance colors and add metallic accents to many of the components in designs. It works very well on wet or dry surfaces and is especially popular when working with polymer clay projects. Because it is a powder form, if you are using mica powders on a dry surface, adding resin or a clear fixative will help preserve the shine quality.

A variety of techniques can be used to apply mica powder including fine-point paintbrushes, fingers, sponges and rubber stamps. Feel free to get creative with mica powders, just remember it is a fine powder and it is recommended to use safety glasses and breathing masks.

- Tom Triplett, Jewelry-Making Expert

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