An iridescent mother-of-pearl harvested from certain saltwater mollusks. Paua shell is a variety of abalone. Explore Abalone products.
Acrylic Resin
A form of plastic which can be molded into a variety of shapes, including beads, components and findings. Explore Acrylic Resin products.
Add-a-Bead Clasp
A clasp which is extremely narrow, in order to allow large-hole beads to slide right over the clasp and onto the chain or cord. Can include Bayonet Clasp or Bead Clasp styles. Explore Add-a-Bead Clasp products.
(see also Glue) A liquid, semi-liquid, gel or film that adheres or bonds items together.E-6000® and G-S Hypo cement are adhesives. Explore Adhesive products.
Adjustable Clasp
A clasp with a short length of chain that allows the wearer to vary the necklace length by attaching the clasp into different links of the chain. Can include Hook-and-Eye and Lobster Claw Clasp styles. Explore Adjustable Clasp products.
A blend of elements to create a new metal, usually in order to add strength and durability.Argentiumâ„¢ silver is an alloy of silver, copper and germanium.
A form of bracelet, usually chain, worn around the ankle. Anklets made of leather or fiber are increasingly popular. Explore Anklet products.
Heating metal in order to activate, increase or change its strength, hardness, ductibility and other traits.
An item, regardless of quality, which was manufactured 100 or more years ago.
Antique Finish
(see also Antiqued) A patina created on metal beads and components that alters the surface colors and gives the appearance of age.
Metal beads and components which have a human-created patina which alters the surface colors and gives the appearance of age.
A framework around which a sculpture is built. Large metal and polymer clay pieces may use an armature to reduce kiln and oven times, and to stretch more expensive materials.
Aurora Borealis (AB)
Named for the northern lights, aurora borealis is a term for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface. The effect is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower part of the crystals with an invisible, micro thin metal sheet. Often abbreviated to AB, the term now refers to any highly iridescent surface. Explore Aurora Borealis (AB) products.
Aurora Borealis 2X (AB2X)
The AB2X surface effect has two times the coating of the AB effect, covering the entire crystal. The iridescent rainbow effect is seen on all sides, producing the utmost sparkle. Explore Aurora Borealis 2X (AB2X) products.