Number of Yards per Spool

From size OO silk thread to 4mm satin cord, see how much of each you'll get on each type's spool or card.

Purely Silk Spools
size OO 695 yards
size O 600 yards
size A 425 yards
size B 390 yards
size C 310 yards
size D 260 yards
size E 200 yards
size F 140 yards
size FF 115 yards
size FFF 92 yards
Purely Silk Cards
Size D 28 yards
Size E 24 yards
Size F 20 yards
Size FF 16 yards
Size FFF 14 yards
Satinique Cord Spools
Large (4mm) 150 feet/50 yards
Regular (2mm) 432 feet/144 yards
Small (1.5mm) 432 feet/144 yards
Mini (1mm) 210 feet/70 yards

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