Shape Chart - Gemstone, Coral and Pearl Beads

Gemstone, coral and pearl beads are available in numerous natural and manmade shapes. Shopping for the right beads for your projects can be a hassle when you don't know what to call them! Skip the endless searching and incorrect orders by using the shape definitions and stringing info in this chart.

Bamboo Bicone
Button (Pearls Only) Capsule
Chip Chip (Hawaiian)
Cube Cube (Diaonally-Drilled)
Cupolini Diamond (Flat)
Dog Bone Donut
Double Cone Double Cone (Faceted)
Emerald Frangia
Go-Go Heishi
Marquise (Flat) Nugget
Nugget (Knapped) Nugget (Rough)
Nugget (Tumbled) Oval
Oval (Flat) Oval (Puffed)
Peanut Pebble
Petal / Keishi Potato
Potato (Flat-Sided) Rectangle
Rectangle (Puffed) Rice
Rondelle Round
Round (Flat) Round (Puffed Flat)
Saucer Stick
Stick (Coral) Teardrop
Teardrop (Flat) Teardrop (Puffed)
Triangle Tube (Round)
Tube (Square) Tube (Triangular)

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