Sizing Information for Chips, Hawaiian Chips, Pebbles and Nuggets

The following measurements are approximate sizes found in chip, pebble and nugget bead strands. The beads are placed into the appropriate categories based on their average size. As with all chips, pebbles and nuggets, sizes and shapes vary.

Chips and Hawaiian Chips
Mini: under 4mm
Small 4 - 7mm
Medium: 8 - 9mm
Large: 10 - 12mm
Extra Large: 13 - 21mm
Gigantic: 22mm and up
Small: 4 - 7mm
Medium: 8 - 9mm
Large: 10 - 12mm
Extra-Large: 13mm and up
Mini: 1 - 9mm
Small: 10 - 15mm
Medium: 16 - 20mm
Large: 21 - 30mm
Extra Large: 31 - 50mm
Gigantic: 51mm and up

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