Jooltool™ Disc Attachments

The Jooltool™ is a revolutionary compact, multi-functional tool perfect for grinding, sharpening, sanding, deburring, polishing and more. Designed to be the safest sharpening system in the industry, the Jooltool can be used with a variety of attachable discs and brushes.

Particle size for each abrasive disc determines a grade (measurement) of micron or grit. Microns are used for medium and fine abrasive grades. Course or highly abrasive products do not equate in particle size to Micron grades, therefore highly abrasive Jooltool products are only measured in Grit. All of the purple disc products and the mini brushes are highly abrasive and are stated in Grit.

Abrasive Quick Reference Chart
Color Abrasive Grade Application
Cubitron™ Purple Ceramic 80 Grit Coarse Grinding
Wood and Metal
Cubitron™ Purple Ceramic 120 Grit Medium Grinding
Wood and Metal
Cubitron™ Purple Ceramic 220 Grit Light Grinding
Wood and Metal
Trizact™ Green Film 35 Mic
400 Grit
Coarse Honing / Sharpening
Metal, Glass, Stone
Trizact™ Red Film 20 Mic
500 Grit
Medium Honing / Sharpening
Metal, Glass, Stone
Trizact™ Blue Film 10 Mic
1500 Grit
Fine Honing / Sharpening
Metal, Glass, Stone
Trizact™ Orange Film 5 Mic
3000 Grit
Finest Honing / Polishing
Metal, Glass, Stone
Felt disc Depends on Compound Buffing and Polishing
Metal, Glass, Stone

Please see below for additional accessories that broaden your Jooltool experience
Ninja™ Backpads Make grit switching faster and easier!
Have one for each grit: "twist on - twist off!"
Ninja™ Cushions Stick into the backpads to absorb chatter
and provide the smoothest grind with any abrasive!
Diamond Abrasive Kit Sharpens carbide, colbalt, tungsten and other metals
Excellent results when combined with Ninja™ Cushion!
Available grades: 125, 74, 45, 30 and 20
Pro-Diamond Polishing Kit Grinds and polishes stone to a luster!
Sharpens and polishes carbide
Excellent results when used with Ninja™ Cushion!
Available grades: 220, 1200, 1800, 3000, 8000, 50,000 Grit and Cerium Oxide
Polishing Film Kit Hones and polishes metals to an ultra-fine finish!
Available grades: 60, 30, 15 and 9 Micron


Certain 3M Scotch Brite EXL Unitized Discs may feature a specific 3M grade that is not stated in either Grit or Micron. Here is a simplified chart referencing the abrasive equivalent:

3M Grade Jooltool Simplified
8A Coarse
6A Medium
3S Fine

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