Metal Abbreviations

The three-letter codes listed below indicate the range of possible finishes available on metal products purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. These abbreviations are used exclusively by Fire Mountain Gems to label and identify our products. Customers will see these three-letter abbreviation codes on invoices found within each order and also on some catalog pages. Metal finishes will be written out on the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads website.

Finish Abbreviation
Antiqued brass-finished or color ABF
Antiqued brass-plated ABP
Antiqued bronze-finished or color ABF
Antiqued copper-finished or color ACF
Antiqued copper-plated ACP
Antiqued gold-finished or color AGF
Antiqued gold-plated AGP
Antiqued nickel-plated ANP
Antiqued imitation rhodium-finished or color ARF
Antiqued imitation rhodium-plated ARP
Antiqued rhodium-finished or color ARF
Antiqued rhodium-plated ARP
Antiqued silver-finished or color ASF
Antiqued silver-plated ASP
Antiqued "vermeil" GP/SS
Black-plated BKP
Black finish BKF
Brass-finished or color BRF
Brass-plated BRP
Bronze-finished or color BRF
Brown copper-finished or color BCF
Chrome-finished CRF
Chrome-plated CRP
Copper-finished or color CPF
Copper-plated CPP
Gold-filled GF
Gold-finished or color GLF
Gold-plated GLP
Gunmetal-finished or color GMF
Gunmetal-plated GMP
Imitation nickel-plated INP
Imitation rhodium-finished or color IRF
Imitation rhodium-plated IRP
Nickel-finished or color NLF
Nickel-plated NLP
Oxidized gold color AGF
Oxidized silver color ASF
Oxidized silver plating ASP
Rhodium-finished or color RDF
Rhodium-plated RDP
Rose gold-finished or color RGF
Rose gold-plated RGP
Silver-finished or color SLF
Silver-plated SLP
Sterling silver SS
Sterling silver-filled SSF
"Vermeil" GP/SS

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