Colors of Gemstones, Shell and More

A range of bead materials organized into color families: black and stone, blue and purple, green and aqua, red and pink, white and clear, and more.

Shades of Black and Stone

  Gemstone Color
''Jade,'' Black Black-dyed serpentine
''Jasper,'' Black Black
Agate, Black Translucent to opaque black, may show occasional banding
''Onyx,'' Black Black
Lava Black
Tigereye, Black Grey-black
Jet Black
Obsidian, Black Black
Tourmaline, Black Black
Obsidian, Rainbow Black with multicolored sheen
Amphibolite Rich dark brown-black color with marbled red and grey
Jasper, Oolitic Black/grey background with green brown
Obsidian, Golden Sheen Dark smoky with a golden sheen
Obsidian, Snowflake Black with white spots
Tektite Green-Black
Marble, Grey Grey
Hematite Metallic, dark silver
Jasper, Camo Stone™ Green with black brown patterns
Agate, Fossil Creamy pink tones against a dark background
Marble, Black Black
Magnetite Grey-black
Jasper, Volcanic Dark stone, blending black, grey and brown colors with cream specks
Quartz, Tourmalinated Clear with green/black inclusions
Pyrite Brassy yellow
Jasper, Picasso Grey black brown
''Jasper,'' Zebra Black/white and green/white-grey
Agate, Grey Translucent, grey color with occasional banding
Labradorite Grey-smoky color with blue-green flashes
Jasper, Silver Leaf Swirls and spotted patterns in grey, black and white
Moonstone, Grey Grey
Jasper, Dendritic Cream to brown color with black/green
Jasper, Dalmatian White/cream with black spots
Jasper, Sesame Mint green with spotted grey/black specks in varying patterns
Quartz, Grey Grey

Shades of Blue and Purple

  Gemstone Color
Dumortierite Blue
Aventurine, Blue Blue
Sodalite Deep blue, occasional white calcite
Lapis Lazuli, Deep Blue Blue, some pyrite or white calcite (usually dyed)
Lapis Lazuli, Denim Denim blue, some pyrite or white calcite (usually dyed)
Sapphire Blue, yellow, white
Angelite Pastel blue
Fluorite, Rainbow Multicolored (green/blue/clear/purple/golden)
Amazonite Greenish blue
Hemimorphite Aqua blue
Agate, Blue Lace Banded light blue
Amethyst Lavender
Iolite Violet
Fluorite, Lavender Lavender
Aventurine, Purple Purple
Ametrine Lavender and yellow
Fluorite, Purple Purple
Tanzanite Purple-blue

Shades of Brown

  Gemstone Color
Jasper, Brecciated Deep brown, brick red, grey/black and cream colors
Jasper, Brown Snowflake Chocolate brown with grey and caramel colors
Tigereye, Red Red-brown
Obsidian, Mahogany Brown with black patches
Pietersite Golden, red, brown, blue
Petrified Wood Tan/brown
Tiger Iron Brown/golden with metallic grey
Tigereye, Blue Blue-black
Tigereye, Brown Brown
Quartz, Smoky Smoky
Jasper, Camel Tan/brown
Jasper, Leopardskin Tawny deep brown tone
Waldo Stone Medium to dark tan/brown
Landscape Stone Cream, honey and dark brown
Jasper, Picture Earth tones with terra cotta, red, tan, brown
Chrysanthemum Stone Brown/tan background with golden/light brown patterns
Agate, Botswana Pink, grey and lavenders
''Jasper,'' Tigerskin Brown/tan
Marble, Grain Stone Brown with bandings
Agate, Wooden Tan/brown
Feldspar Pink, tan or multicolored
Bronzite Brown stone with a heavy golden/metallic, shimmering chatoyancy
Sardonyx Red, white and orange banded
Moukaite Red-brown, golden, yellow and white mixed in very broad patterns
Marble, Brown Brown
Quartz, Golden Golden
Garnet, Grossularite Brown-green
Garnet, Andalusite Smoky orange/brown
Quartz, Rutilated Clear with golden color inclusions

Shades of Green and Aqua

  Gemstone Color
Jasper, Kambaba Green with grey/black
''Jade,'' Mountain Any color
''Jade,'' African Green
''Jade'' Various colors, usually green tones
Onyx, Green Green
Jasper, Green Lined Green
Chrysocolla Green/blue
Jade, Nephrite Green
Malachite, Green Green stripes and eyes
Aventurine, Dark Green Dark green
''Chrysoprase,'' Chinese Green
Garnet, Tsavorite Green
Agate, Green Green
Rhyolite Green with grey/green orbicular pattern
Ruby in Zoisite Green with red spots
Andalusite Translucent to opaque, with black cross-like pattern on a light brown background, can also be dark green and transparent
Emerald Green
Agate, Moss Translucent with moss-like inclusions
Serpentine Mostly green
Agate, Tree White background with green splotches (semitranslucent to opaque)
Kyanite Blue and green
''Turquoise,'' African Green/blue with grey/black
''Jade,'' Ching Hai Green and white
Chrysoprase, Green Apple Light green
Aventurine, Green Green
Aventurine, African Green/blue
Fluorite, Green Green-transparent/translucent with occasional bandings
New ''Jade,'' Olive Olive green
''Jasper,'' Peridot Light green
Peridot Green
Prehnite Light green
Quartz, Green Green
Tourmaline, Green Green
''Jade,'' New ''Jade'' Serpentine Sea green
''Jasper,'' Jungle Dark to lime green with creamy tones and a varying black and grey matrix
''Jasper,'' Aqua Terra Sea green
Abalone Iridescent colors
Turquoise, Green Chalk Green
Agate, Aqua Aqua blue
Aquamarine Aqua blue
Apatite Blue as well as green colors
Turquoise Blue, some with black matrix
Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Blue
Turquoise, Blue Chalk Blue

Shades of Orange and Yellow

  Gemstone Color
''Turquoise,'' Yellow Yellow
Sunstone Orange
Quartz, Peach Peach
Amber Amber color - can vary in color from yellow to red to honey brown
Carnelian Orange-red, translucent
Agate, Red Orange/red - translucent
Quartz, Yellow Yellow
Garnet, Hessonite Brown-orange
''Jade,'' Golden Golden
''Jade,'' Yellow Yellow
Agate, Golden Translucent orange/golden color
Aragonite Yellow-white
Garnet, Spessartite Orange
Agate, Yellow Yellow
Calcite Yellow is most common. Also comes in white and pink colors
Moonstone, Peach Peach
Moonstone White, grey, peach
Citrine Light to golden yellow
Quartz, Lemon Lemon

Shades of Red and Pink

  Gemstone Color
Garnet, Red Red
Garnet, Orissa Red
Garnet Wine color reds
Garnet, Rhodolite Purplish red
Jasper, Red Brick red
Jasper, Red Flake Red/brown with cream/tan patches/spots
Agate, Fire Crackle Glowing rusty orange color with scattered veins of grey-white. Has a "crackled" look (web-like pattern of white crackles) created via heat treatment, and color enhancement produces the fiery oranges and reds
Rhodonite Pink with black patterns
Ruby Red
Coral Black, blue, fossil, gold, green, white, pink, purple, red or orange
Aventurine, Red Peach to red color
Jasper, Colonial Red
Tourmaline, Pink Pink
Spinel Any color
Rhodochrosite Pink
Marble, Red Spot Subtle shades of reddish-brown with cream and grey
''Malachite,'' Red Red with stripes
Lepidolite Pink and purple
Jasper, Turtle Red/brown with grey/black splotches
Jasper, Striped Opaque-striped red/white cream or any other color
Agate, Morocco Earth tones with terra cotta reds and hints of purple
Jasper, Autumn Brick red and avocado green
Topaz, Pink Pink
Aventurine, Pink Pink
Crazy Horse™ Stone Distinct appearance of grey, mauve and pink color combinations
Jasper, Pink Pink
Quartz, Rose Translucent pink
Marble, Pink Pink
Morganite Pink

Shades of White and Clear

  Gemstone Color
Agate, Crazy Lace Twisting and turning bands of various colors
Quartz, Clear Clear
Quartz, Lodolite Clear with red/green/brown inclusions
Mother-of-Pearl Creamy white pearl
Riverstone Grey/cream
Magnesite White with brown/grey matrix
Fluorite, Golden Golden color-translucent with occasional bandings
''Jade,'' Peace Mix of natural pinks, purples and greens
Howlite, White White with black veining
Opal White with multicolored play of color
Quartz, Champagne Champagne color
Topaz, Mystic Clear with multicolored coating
Quartz, Snow Translucent white
Agate, White White
Jade, Jadeite Green, grey, red, orange, yellow - all colors
Marble, White White
Quartz, Frosted White, frosted
Quartz, Ice Flake Crackled
Moonstone, Rainbow White with multicolored flashes
Moonstone, White White
Quartz, Quartzite White
Quartz, White White


  Gemstone Color
Agate, Multi-Color Multicolored
Bloodstone Dark green with red spots
Fossil Stone Grey/white, natural or dyed any color
Jasper, Fancy Multicolored
Jasper, Ocean Green, rust, grey, cream, blue, brown, and camel color
Marble Any color
Moonstone, Multi-Color Peach, white, grey
Onyx, Striped Green, cream, tan
Quartz, Dyed Any color
Tourmaline Pink or green
Tourmaline, Multi-Color Multicolored
Unakite Olive-green and subtle pink
Quartz, Fancy Multicolored
Soapstone Any color
''Jade,'' Malaysia Any color
Jasper, Ocean Green, rust, grey, cream, blue, brown, and camel color
Jasper, Rainbow Multicolored
Marble, Rainbow Multicolored
Chalcedony Any color

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