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These instructions were issued on 1/05/2015 and supersede all previous issues.

Accent Silver is a silver-base product that is used to apply silver layers, or accents, to previously fired bronze, copper, and brass articles.

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Tools needed:

  • Clean paint brush
  • Small mixing dish
  • Distilled water and dropper
  • Stainless steel hand brush
  • Firing tin with activated carbon
  • Scotchbrite™ or 400 grit abrasive paper
  • Polishing supplies
  • Firing or kiln tongs

Mixing And Application--Base Coat

1) Clean the piece to be coated by abrasion to remove any oxide layer and create a clean surface.

2) Accent Silver is applied in 2 coats. To mix the first coat, first wet a clean paint brush, and then dip the wet (not dripping) brush into the container of Accent Silver to get a ball of the material. Wipe the ball into a small pile in the mixing dish and pat it with the brush so that it takes up all the water. Add a brush-full of water by dipping the brush into the water container and dabbing the pile. Use the brush to sweep the material into a small pile as it spreads out. Pat and sweep the material until it is smooth and has a consistency like thin syrup. Do not use too much water. Apply a thin coat to the piece. This coat should be opaque to the substrate underneath it.

3) Allow the base coat to dry at room temperature for about a half hour. Once the first coat is dry, move the article to a cup warmer and dry for another 15 minutes or longer. Cool the article to room temperature before proceeding.

4) If a rough, loose blue layer has formed on the surface of the specimen, brush it off with a soft bristle brush. Do not use a wire brush. (A dull layer of silver may be visible after you brush.)

Note: The unused Accent Silver on your mixing dish can be left to dry. The brush can be left out to dry as well, and then re-hydrated when it is needed.

Mixing And Application--Cover Coat

5) To mix up the cover coat, first re-hydrate your application brush by dipping and holding in the water container. Next re-hydrate the material in your mixing dish with a bit more water. Then add new material and mix as before, but this time the consistency should be like mustard. Add water necessary to reach the proper consistency, and mix it to a smooth consistency.

6) Paint or daub the Accent Silver on in a thicker layer. Don't worry that it fills in the texture and details of your objects because after firing only a thin layer will be bonded to the base metal. Work quickly in applying the cover coat because the moisture can re-hydrate the base coat and cause bald spots. You can cover those areas by daubing additional material on.

7) Keep the cover coat smooth and free of lumps so the fired layer will also be smooth, otherwise, heavy burnishing will be required after firing to create a smooth final layer.

8) Dry the cover coat in air, then heat-dry it for another 15 minutes or longer on a cup warmer as described in step 3. If a bluish layer has formed during drying, ignore it.

9) Pieces can be left at room temperature for up to a week before firing if stored in an airtight container.

Firing--The Firing Details Are Important!

A small plain steel firing container should be used to prevent under-firing, because larger containers heat more slowly. A round container 5 inches in diameter and 7/8 inch deep is available from many suppliers of Accent Silver. Stainless steel pans that are either 4 inches or 2 3/8 inches deep, which are often used to fire copper and bronze clays, heat too slowly to ensure adequate time at temperature and so their use is not recommended.


The type of kiln used to fire Accent Silver affects the time and temperature needed to achieve good bonding. Kilns with large interiors and/or low wattages have slower temperature recovery times than kilns with smaller interiors and/or high wattages. Watch the temperature recovery time!

10) Place a thin layer of activated carbon on the bottom of a small steel box (5 inches diameter x 7/8 inch thick is recommended) that is available from distributors for use with Accent Silver the box, place the article(s) in it, fill the box to the top with more activated carbon, and then close the lid.

11) Use kiln posts to elevate the steel box so it is in line with the heating elements in your kiln. Use the kiln tongs to take the container in and out of the kiln easily. Take the container in and out a few times before starting the kiln to ensure that you have unobstructed access once it is hot.

12) With a top loading kiln you may have difficulty inserting and removing the steel box with tongs. If desired, make a little sling for the box with binding wire that can be hooked with tongs.

13) Set your kiln to 1200 F (650 C). When the kiln has reached the set temperature, open the door quickly, set the box on the kiln posts using tongs, close the door, and set the timer. Wear gloves!

14) The kiln will cool a bit after the box has been inserted. Begin timing when the kiln has reached about 1180 F (640 C), and then heat for 10 more minutes.

15) After 10 minutes at 1180-1200 F, open the door and remove the box. To avoid over-firing, do not allow the box to cool inside the kiln. Set the box on a heat resistant surface to cool. The box can be opened after it has cooled for at least 15 minutes.


16) Use a stainless steel brush and brush off the black residue. After some brushing you should see a dull silver layer on the base metal.

17) This dull layer must be burnished or polished to reveal lustrous silver. Note: The silver layer is thin, and hard polishing and abrasion may wear through it.

18) If, after polishing, the layer is not a rich silver color, the layer may be too thin. Apply a third coat and repeat steps 6-17.

Safety Precautions

Accent Silver contains fine silver powder and other chemicals that can irritate the eyes. Take precautions to avoid getting it into the eyes. Use gloves when handling the dry powder, wash your hands if they contact the powder, and do not touch your eyes with your hands while handling it. Accent Silver contains an acidic chemical flux. If Accent Silver contacts the eyes, flush them for at least 15 minutes and then see a physician immediately. If swallowed get medical attention immediately. Work safely!

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