Hessonite Garnet Meaning and Properties

Hessonite Garnet History

While garnet is mostly known as a rich, red stone, garnet is actually a name used for a larger group of minerals that can occur in multiple colors. Hessonite garnet is a specific grossularite form of garnet most known for a warm, yellow to reddish tone. In Vedic astrology, hessonite garnet is an important stone associated with planet Rahu. Depending on the position of hessonite garnet amongst the other nine planetary gemstones when you are born, Rahu can be characterized as obsessed with worldly desires and instant gratification.

Garnet and its varieties, such as hessonite, have been used for adornment as well as healing in accordance with metaphysical beliefs. Garnet is more than just a pretty stone to look at. Garnets have been used for abrasive blasting material, waterjet cutting and water filtration.

Hessonite Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Hessonite is said to have a strong spiritual value for people regarded as wise. Besides encouraging a mellow vibe, hessonite garnet is said to stay the lips from gossiping. According to Vedic astrologists, wearing a two-carat or higher hessonite garnet is said to bring wealth and success as well as promote longevity. Interestingly enough, garnet in general is well-known for being a gemstone associated with success, especially in business.

Hessonite Garnet Geological Properties

Hessonite garnet is a gem-quality variety of grossular (grossularite) garnet, the calcium-aluminum silicate member of the garnet family. Most grossularite is green, but hessonite is well-known for honey-yellow to brownish-red hues. Hessonite garnet can also occur in other colors such as green, pink and clear, but it is most notable for its cinnamon-like colors. It is this reason hessonite garnet is nicknamed the cinnamon stone. When viewed under magnification, hessonite garnet has various areas of lesser transparency, helping to distinguish the stone from similarly colored gems such as citrine and topaz. Hessonite is also more easily distinguished due to its manganese content and lower specific gravity compared to other garnet varieties.

Garnet minerals such as hessonite garnet are found throughout the world. Garnet found near the Earth's surface typically results when a sedimentary stone of high aluminum content undergoes substantial heat and pressure, causing it to split in irregular plates. Varieties of garnet can also be found in igneous and metaphoric rocks. The best-known hessonite garnet deposits are in Sri Lanka, but the gemstone can also be found in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania and the United States.

Mineral Information Grossular, garnet group
Chemical Composition Ca3Al2(SiO4)3
Color Reddish brown, orange, yellow tone
Hardness 7 to 7-1/2 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 3.60 - 3.68
Refractive Index 1.728 - 1.746

Proper Care of Hessonite Garnet

Garnet is known for being a fairly hardy stone, and hessonite is no different with a Mohs hardness of about 7 to 7-1/2. While ultrasonic cleaners can be safe, the best option for cleaning hessonite garnet is to simply use soap, water and an untreated cloth. Treated cloths contain coarse agents than can leave abrasions on the surface of your stone. Thoroughly pat the stone and any settings dry before storing or wearing your hessonite garnet jewelry.

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Designing with Hessonite Garnet

With its rich golden to brown earthy tones, hessonite garnet is a perfect stone for autumnal jewelry. The beads will resemble nature's changing palette that makes fall such a beloved season. Hessonite garnet can also help create a vintage or aged effect in jewelry with its sepia-toned hues. To bring out deep reddish tones within hessonite garnet, pair the stone with similarly deep red gemstones such as true garnet. If you want to play up the yellow hues or create a tone-on-tone palette, pair with citrine or topaz. Turquoise blues and amethyst purples are on the opposite end of the color spectrum, which will create a dramatic complementary color scheme when used together.

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