Moukaite Jasper Meaning and Properties

Moukaite Jasper History

Moukaite jasper is also known as mookaite jasper and Australian jasper, where it comes from. The name Moukaite is the name of the 700,000 acre sheep farm in Western Australia (Mooka Station) where Moukaite was first discovered.

The word "jasper" is derived from the Greek word iaspi meaning "spotted stone," related to the Hebrew jashpeh and the ancient Assyrian word ashpu. Jaspers were worn by Egyptian priests in amulets covered with inscriptions from their Book of the Dead and wrapped up with mummies for protection in the afterlife. The Minoans of Crete carved seals for the palace of Knossos of jasper.

Jasper was the 12th stone in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest, and is said to be the foundation stone of New Jerusalem. Some Native American tribes used jasper to dowse for water and to call rain.

Moukaite Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Moukaite nurtures our inner desire for calm with our outer desires, shielding us from dangerous situations and balances those tendencies with the desire for variety, adventure and new experiences. Thought to be a physically stabilizing stone, it brings well-being, strengthening the immune system, heals wounds and purifies the blood. Moukaite is believed to be a healing stone of Mother Earth, containing sacred earth energies that can be harnessed for healing the plane.

Moukaite Jasper Geological Properties

Like other jasper gemstones, moukaite it is a chalcedony and member of the quartz group. The broad patterns of red-browns and golds that sweep through it are actually finely-divided minerals such as clay and iron oxide.

Jasper is a variety of quartz that may contain up to 20 percent foreign materials or inclusions, including organic material and mineral oxides, which determine the color, pattern and appearance of the stone. Uniformly colored jasper is uncommon but not unheard of; usually jasper is multicolored, spotted or banded. This stone is opaque, even in thin slices, and takes a high polish. Different types of jasper display different lusters. Like agate, the wide selection of jaspers include a range of trade names and classifications that are used by jewelry makers and collectors.

Mineral Information Silicate, chalcedony, quartz group
Chemical Composition SiO2
Color Red-browns, golds and whites mixed in broad patterns
Hardness 6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.58 - 2.91
Refractive Index About 1.54

Proper Care of Moukaite Jasper

Jasper gemstones are members of the quartz family. These are durable stones and can be found in a range of jewelry designs, with an equal range of exposure to dirt and wear. Remove jasper jewelry before playing sports or any other activity leading to perspiration.

Clean jasper jewelry with a soft dry cloth to preserve polish. Clean quickly if the jewelry becomes soiled, as jaspers can be porous and easily stained. Wash with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or soft brush. Dry thoroughly.

Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, as prolonged heat is used to change color in quartzes. When storing jasper, wrap in a cloth or a fabric bag so it cannot scratch softer materials or be scratched by metals or harder gemstones.

To learn more about moukaite jasper and other gemstones, order your copy of Walter Schumann's revised and expanded edition of Gemstones of the World.

Designing with Moukaite Jasper

Moukaite jasper colors cover a wide range of warm earthtones which can include brick red, cream, brown, gold and mauve. It's a good choice for adding the warm bold colors that are great for fall and winter fashions. This durable, hard stone takes a good polish and is suitable in every jewelry application. This is a popular stone for men's jewelry. It mixes well with citrine, turquoise, onyx, yellow jade, silver and gold. As you prepare for winter arts and craft shows, you'd be wise to arm yourself with beautiful bracelets that feature it. Create a display of chokers and necklaces from moukaite and black onyx beads. They make perfect gifts for those-in-the-know about fashion accessories, or for anyone who loves these rich colors and wants an exciting new way to wear them.

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