Tigerskin "Jasper" Meaning and Properties

Tigerskin "Jasper" History

Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones and is mentioned in the Bible several times. The name jasper in its closest form to English comes from the Hebrew "jashpeh," meaning firm, tough and strengthening. Tigerskin "jasper," also known as wood jasper, is the trade name for a type of limestone with beige and tan striped bands that create the appearance of petrified wood. Its opaque, rich brown tones of contrasting stripes and swirls against a medium to dark golden base makes an earthy statement.

Tigerskin jasper's color comes from iron oxides of earthy tan, yellow and yellowish brown. And its name "tigerskin" is based on the swirls and stripes of contrasting colors. In an old children's story a bunch of tigers hold onto each other's tails and run around in a circle so fast they melt into a pool of rich creamy butter. That's the look of tawny golden tigerskin ''jasper.'' Jasper, sometimes called hornstone, actually means "spotted stone" in Greek. But in tigerskin ''jasper,'' those "spots" (from iron oxide) appear as pencil-thin streaks of brown in the dark golden matrix.

Tigerskin "Jasper" Metaphysical Properties

As one of the many gemstones that tout an animal name, tigerskin "jasper" helps us to draw from its animal nature when we need that additional power or kick. It tells us that life isn't just about thinking or analyzing things, but rather about living in the moment and celebrating the present.

Tigerskin "jasper's" animal colors intensify those things. Tigerskin "jasper" takes us out of our heads and puts us back into our bodies, giving a whole new meaning to the expressions "hold that tiger!" or having "a tiger in your tank."

It's a nurturing stone for well-being and grounding and is believed to enhance healing, purification and positive thoughts. Tigerskin "jasper" is said to ease emotional stress and wearing tigerskin "jasper" beads can make you feel more relaxed and secure, creating positive energy and happiness. This stone is also known to strengthen courage, improve bravery and boost the immune system.

Tigerskin "Jasper" Geological Properties

Jasper is an opaque, dense type of quartz or chalcedony made up of large microcrystals found all over the world in nodules or as fillings in fissures. Tigerskin "jasper" is the trade name for a kind of limestone with opaque, rich brown tones of contrasting bands against a medium to dark golden base.

Mineral Information Silicate, limestone, marble group
Chemical Composition CaCO3
Color Dark gold with brown bands
Hardness 4 to 5 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.7
Refractive Index 1.486 - 1.658

Proper Care of Tigerskin "Jasper"

Clean tigerskin "jasper" jewelry with a soft dry cloth. Clean quickly if the jewelry becomes soiled, as jaspers can be porous and easily stained. Wash with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or soft brush. Dry thoroughly.

Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat and store in a cloth or fabric bag so it cannot scratch softer materials or be scratched by metals or harder gemstones.

Designing with Tigerskin "Jasper"

Tigerskin "jasper" is a great choice for creating earthy jewelry statements. Its contrasting swirls and stripes of tan, yellow and yellowish brown create a tawny golden stone that's so rich looking it'll make you feel decadent wearing it.

Tigerskin "jasper" beads are always a wonderful complement to other earth tone gemstone beads. Design with hand-carved wood beads for a more exotic look or similar gemstone colors of crystal beads for a stunning statement.

Pair with antiqued metals and gold-colored metals for an eye-catching combination and black onyx gemstone beads for a dramatic look.

View design inspirations featuring tigerskin ''jasper'' in the Gallery of Designs.

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**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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