Goshenite Meaning and Properties

Goshenite History

Goshenite is a colorless variety of the mineral beryl, and gets its name from the small town of Goshen, Massachusetts, where it was first discovered. Referred to as the "Mother of Crystals," goshenite is also associated with motherhood. Goshenite was once used for the manufacturing of eyeglasses, because of its excellent transparency. Though the gem value is relatively low, it is most commonly used for gemstone or metaphysical purposes, and considered as a source of beryllium. Beryllium is a chemical element used as a metal alloy for tool making. Beryllium is also used for windows for x-ray equipment as well as other applications.

Goshenite Metaphysical Properties

Goshenite is believed to develop practical thought when making decisions, helping one see an argument from all angles and then take appropriate action. Goshenite is thought to be a gemstone that encourages truthfulness in all words and actions. Metaphysical beliefs hold that goshenite promotes self-control, creativity and originality. Goshenite is a gemstone that is said to facilitate communication and resolves relationship misunderstandings.

Goshenite opens the crown and etheric chakras to stimulating the mental centers. Goshenite is not a birthstone, but is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini.

Goshenite Geological Properties

Goshenite is a member of the beryl family. Goshenite is an aluminum beryllium silicate mineral that forms in prismatic or vertically striated crystals, sometimes terminated by small pyramidal faces. Other beryl stones include morganite (pink), heliodor (yellow/yellow-green), aquamarine (blue-green), emerald (green) and maxixe (deep blue). Transparent to translucent, with a vitreous luster, goshenite is said to be the purest form of beryl, containing fewer impurities than the colored varieties.

Goshenite can be found all over the world including North and South America, China, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Northern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mineral Information A variety of beryl
Chemical Composition Be3Al2(Si6O18)
Color Colorless
Hardness 7-1/2 to 8 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.60 - 2.90
Refractive Index 1.562 - 1.615

Proper Care of Goshenite

Goshenite gemstones can be cleaned using room temperature water, mild soap and a nonabrasive cloth.

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Designing with Goshenite

For thousands of years, colorless beryl has been an ideal substitute for other colorless gemstones. Likewise, goshenite is used as imitation for diamonds and emeralds by applying silver or green metal foil. To simulate other valuable gems, doubles and triplets are constructed by layering sections with colored cement or a thin slice of a natural or synthetic gemstone.

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