Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Faceted Gemstones and Sterling Silver Drops

Sparkle in these chandelier earrings made with sterling silver Wrap-Tite findings and cubic zirconia.
  1. Attach loop of one eyepin to bottom loop of earwire.
  2. String one 2mm sterling silver bead, one 3mm crystal bead, then one 2mm sterling silver bead onto the eyepin as pictured.
  3. Form an eyepin loop.
  4. Attach 1 jumpring to the eyepin loop.
  5. Attach 1 jumpring to the first jumpring.
Set nine Wrap-Tites with 9 cubic zirconia.

How to set a Wrap-Tite:
  1. Place cubic zirconia flat side down on your first finger.
  2. Position the Wrap-Tite over the cubic zirconia.
  3. Cinch the small ring of the Wrap-Tite using round-nose or needle nose pliers.
  4. Use a magnifier to check if the cubic zirconia is centered and straight.
  5. Place a drop of glue near the top of the cubic zirconia. (Hypo-Tube Cement dries in ten minutes and gives a superior bond.)
  1. Attach the drop earring finding to the 2nd jumpring.
  2. Attach the loop of one Wrap-Tite in front of the drop finding. The point of the cubic zirconia should face the back of the earring.
Making the center 3-part dangle.
  1. Remove the top of the 1-inch headpin.
  2. Fold the wire in half and thread the wire through the center loop of the earring finding.
  3. Form and eyepin loop at the end of each half.
  4. Attach a Wrap-Tite to both of the eyepin loops. The point of each cubic zirconia should face the back of the earring.
  5. For the center dangle, attach one eyepin to the center loop of the earring finding. String 2 3mm crystals on the eyepin. Form an eyepin loop. Attach one Wrap-Tite, making sure the point of the cubic zirconia faces the back of the earring.
Making the five bottom dangles.
  1. Attach an eyepin to five Wrap-Tites.
  2. String one 3mm crystal onto each eyepin.
  3. Form a second eyepin loop on each eyepin.
  4. Attach each of the five eyepin loops to the five bottom loops of the earring finding.
  5. Tighten the loops of the eyepins as needed.

Repeat Steps to create second earring.

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