Single-Strand Necklace with Malachite and Tigereye Gemstone Beads

The graduated gem strand necklace is strung on stretchy power cord eliminating the need for a clasp.
Measure the 0.8 power cord around your neck for the desired length, add an additional 6 inches. Begin with stringing a 4mm Swarovski crystal (aurum double AB) and continue stringing as illustrated using the Swarovski crystal beads as spacers after every gemstone bead.
When you have reached your desired length, end with a mother-of-pearl bead, it has the largest hole in which to hide your knot.
Tie the two ends of power cord together in a balloon style knot (imagine you are tying off a balloon). Separate the ends of the cord and tighten the knot.

Image: Up and under, put both ends together ... tie.

Cut the ends of the cord to about 3 inches and thread as much of the cord back through both sides of the necklace. Add a dab of Loctite or similar glue to the knot and tuck it into the 12mm mother-of-pearl bead. Allow it to dry overnight, enjoy!

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