Single-Strand Necklace with Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Shell Beads

Cut a length of beading cord twice the length of the desired finished strand plus 10-inch. Thread a twisted wire needle to the center then string a crimp bead and slide it down to the tails. Tie it securely near the end of the doubled cord and put a little glue on the knot. Pass the needle through the bead tip from the inside (below the hook) and out the hole in the bottom.
String the beads
  1. String a faceted pearl on a headpin, cut off all but 3/8 inch of the pin, and make a loop . Repeat twice for 3 pearls. Cut 3 lengths of chain: 5/8 inch, 1-1/4 inch, and 1-inch, and hang a pearl from the bottom link of each chain. Open a jumpring and thread on the chains with the longest in the middle. With the chains in front, hang the capiz shell on the jumpring, closing it securely on the back side of the shell.
  2. Start stringing on the right-hand side of the necklace, beginning with a bead tip as described above. For the back section, string 1 gold bead, 3 orchid shell beads, a yellow jade, a gold bead, a mother of pearl, a gold bead, a yellow jade, 3 orchid shells, a gold bead, and 3 mother of pearl beads. Repeat this pattern once more.
  3. For the side, string a gold bead, a faceted pearl, a gold bead, 3 mother of pearl beads, a gold bead, 3 orchid shells, a yellow jade, a gold bead, a mother of pearl, a gold bead, a yellow jade, an orchid shell, a gold bead, and a faceted pearl.
  4. To center the pearl on the front of the capiz shell over the jumpring, sew under the front of the jumpring from right to left. Loop the thread to the right over the jumpring and behind the pearl and go back through the pearl in the same direction (right to left). Tighten the strand.
  5. String the left hand side of the necklace by repeating Step 3 in reverse (omit the faceted pearl at the center of the necklace), then Step 2 in reverse. End with the second bead tip as described above.
Sew into the second bead tip, going through the hole on the bottom toward the hook. Slide the needle a little down one side of the cord and cut it in two at the fold. The needle will remain on one cord. Thread a crimp bead or a seed bead on this cord and remove the needle. Snug up all the beads on the strand. Tie the two cords together over the bead inside the bead tip with 2 square knots. Glue the knot and press the bead tip closed while the glue is still wet.
Put more glue on the knot in the first bead tip and close it. Trim the cord tails against the edge of the bead tips when the glue is dry.
Use round-nose pliers to curve each hook on the bead tips tightly around the loops on the ends of the clasp.

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