Multi-Strand Necklace with Czech Glass Druk Beads

Keep the clasp fastened as you string to make sure that you attach each strand to matching loops. You attach 2 strands to each loop: tortoise and copper to the first, copper and blue to the second, and blue and tortoise to the third.
To assemble the pendant, put the gemstone drop in front of the patina disk kite-shape and pass a jumpring through both holes. Close the jumpring tightly.
If you plan to wear this necklace twisted, as shown, the strands should all be about 18-inch long. If you don't want to twist the necklace, make the strands about an inch shorter. Cut a length of nylon cord twice the desired finished length of the strand plus 12-inch (48-inch) and thread a twisted wire needle on each end. Cut a 1/2 inch piece of French wire and thread it to the middle of the cord. String through a loop on one side of the clasp and center the French wire in the clasp loop. Thread both needles through the first bead and tie the cords together with a square knot right against the bead, tightening the French wire into a small loop that encloses the clasp loop. Dot the knot with glue and let it dry (about 10 minutes).
String both needles through half the beads on the strand (9-inch), then go through the jumpring above the pendant. (Until you've completed several strands, the pendant will slide on the necklace. It will not be able to move after the third or fourth strand, so at that point, make sure it is centered.) String the second half of the strand except the last bead. Make sure the cords are pulled evenly through the beads.
String the last bead on one needle. Then string a 1/2 inch piece of French wire on that needle. Thread it through the matching clasp loop on the other side of the clasp and take it back through the last bead Tighten the cord to draw up the French wire loop and tie the two cords together below the final bead with a square knot. Glue the knot, then pass each needle back through a bead or two. Cut off the excess cord when the glue is dry.

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